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Abt Electronics Review



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USER REVIEWS (2 reviews)
5.0 out of 5.0   
9/15/2011 9:34:59 AM (has 1 review)
Nothing bad to say
I always heard of them but never used until recently(a few people said they had no problems, so I did) Im the kind of shopper that, investigates the product, the retailer selling the item and always watch prices for awhile to get an idea of the ranges. I did live chat one day about prices they had on an item. This person was extremely helpfull & friendly. I did buy a 40'' tv from them, excellent price, free ship and was fast. Every step of the way they inform you, i cant tell you about returns and I pray I dont need to do that.

1.0 out of 5.0   
11/25/2009 6:39:35 AM (has 1 review)
ABT does not honor their pricing
I ordered the 32" Samsung TV for $344. The order was accepted, shipped, and the day of delivery they recalled the shipment and cancelled the order stating a pricing error. This is same price that Crutchfield sold the TV for earlier this week. I am filing a complaint with the State Attorney General's office. ABT should be removed from PriceSpider for not honoring their pricing in my opinion.