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WatchGuard X10e FIREBOX UTM BDL Reviews

WG50016  |  X10e
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Support Nightmare!
This review is from: Firebox X10E Utm Bundle (Electronics) Watchgaurd requires you to keep a subscription active in order to even email their support team. You can download patches up-to the date that your subscription expires, however, you're supposed to be able to download and install any patches released up to that date. I downloaded and tried to install a patch, but when installing it says I have to pay 300 bones to install the patch. I tried to contact support to fin...

WatchGuard X10e FIREBOX UTM BDL review can be read at Amazon.Com
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Review Date: 12/12/2007
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Excellent Security, Excellent Value
I purchased the Edge X10e from this retailer about two months ago. I have long felt that a decent external firewall would cost me at least $1,000 based largely on previous experiences with similar products made by other companies. To my pleasant surprise, I paid much less for the Edge 10e than I expected, and it outperforms every single external firewall I have ever used. A 300 or so page guide comes with the Edge 10e. You should plan on reading it from beginning to end a couple of times prior...

WatchGuard X10e FIREBOX UTM BDL review by MAXBYTE can be read at Tigerdirect
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Review Date: 10/27/2009
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