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Vivitar VIV-CS-826 8x26 binoculars

Vivitar VIV-CS-826 8x26 binoculars Reviews

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Good images, but they broke quickly
We used these on vacation for a few weeks and enjoyed them. We were able to get bright sharp images, and the diopter adjustment was adequate for our different eyes. They are quite lightweight, which is a big plus for binoculars.However, after a dozen or so uses over four weeks, they broke inside, so that the focus knob no longer worked. We did not mistreat them, and I do not believe they were ever dropped.I thought I had found the perfect pair of low-cost binoculars until...

Vivitar VIV-CS-826 8x26 binoculars review by Dave Millman can be read at Amazon.Com
Dave Millman
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2.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 08/30/2012
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not bad for cheapies
I bought these as temporary replacements until my trusty old compact Nikons show up ( misplaced after moving). I got them mainly for watching birds around here. They are not the ones pictured here, even though the model number is exactly the same. Mine are black and gray-green, and sort of shaped like the Olympus 7X21 PC III Classic Binocular. Google these to see a current picture of what they really look like. I've only tried them in good light, but can see very clearly. Included are a rather f...

Vivitar VIV-CS-826 8x26 binoculars review by scolvig can be read at Amazon.Com
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4.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 02/27/2011
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