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Sony SNC-P5 Network Camera

Sony SNC-P5 Network Camera Reviews

SNCP5  |  SNC-P5
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$482 - $566 (4 stores)
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Good price/feature/performance point
I purchased the Sony SNC-P5 to monitor an indoor area. It is a "little brother" to Sony's higher-end pan/tilt/optical zoom cameras with a proportionally lower price. + = good, - = bad+ Good price for a camera with the following features: > Built in web server > Pan/tilt/*optical* zoom (not digital zoom--although 2X is available) > Compatibility with Mac-based web browser (tried and works with Safari) in JPEG mode through Java applet interface...

Sony SNC-P5 Network Camera review by Surveillance enthusiast can be read at Amazon.Com
Surveillance enthusiast
 Rated It 
4.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 01/16/2008
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Five Stars

Sony SNC-P5 Network Camera review by MpS can be read at Amazon.Com
 Rated It 
5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 10/26/2015
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