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Shuttle SX58H7 PRO Case

Shuttle SX58H7 PRO Case Reviews

SX58H7PRO  |  SX58H7 PRO
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$385 - $410 (3 stores)
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Essentially the same as the older non-pro version SX58H7
I don't know the technical aspects of any chipset changes/adjustments/comparisons, and this review is not intended to generate a discussion or argument about that.First off, the not so OK:What I do know is that instead of using Intel's SATA3 controller, they went with Asmedia's. From what I can tell, the Asmedia SATA3 controller does not operate in ACHI mode, just IDE. In fact, on the initial discovery, Windows 7 sees it as a dual IDE controller. For comparison, I also had p...

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Review Date: 11/18/2011
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