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Pioneer Elite Rocks
I am reasonably audio/technically able but have never set up a home theater system - and this system was relatively simple to set up. The manual is fairly easy to use. I am also very picky about amps and must say that I am pleasantly suprised by the quality of this amp/reciever at this price point. Be very careful with the power/wattage ratings on consumer home theater receivers, especially with 7.1/7.2 setups. Many of the top name brands (e.g. Denon, Sony, Yamaha, Onkyo, Pioneer - non Elite...

Pioneer VSX-23TXH review by HTMan can be read at Abt Electronics
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5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 01/06/2010
User Location: Michigan
Review From: User Review
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It's great
Very pleased. Great sound quality. Manual a bit hard to understand.

Pioneer VSX-23TXH review by Beagle mom can be read at Abt Electronics
Beagle mom
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5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 03/22/2010
User Location: Glenview, IL
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Good Product, plenty of power.
I had onkyo previously, I had nothing but trouble, could not get it fixed, company did everything to deny problem, internet full of lack of service and support quotes for ONKYO products, not to mention, this receiver BLOWED away the onkyo SR806 I had. Can't go wrong with pioneer elite products. Remote is little hard to learn but you'll get used to it. Buy it, prices are right, you'll love it.

Pioneer VSX-23TXH review by Audio Video Guy can be read at Abt Electronics
Audio Video Guy
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5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 11/02/2009
User Location: Texas
Review From: User Review
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Great Reeiver
I have done a lot of research and checked out a lot of receivers and I am glad that i chose to go with the Pioneer Elite. The sound quality is amazing paired with my def tech BP7002s. I love that it has the front HDMI input and dual HDMI outputs. I thought the receiver was simple to set and out of the box it sounded great. I was not happy with the results that I got with the MCACC mic. I would highly recommend this receiver to people looking for great sound quality without spending a ton. This i...

Pioneer VSX-23TXH review by Jdoddy can be read at Best Buy
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5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 12/17/2009
User Location: Sacramento, California
Review From: User Review
Good bang for the buck...
I got this unit for a really great price due to a special deal where you get a higher model for the price of a lower model. In this case, I paid the price of the 21TXH ($663) for the 23TXH ($899). The unit has a ton of features and functions that even I don't use and I am very knowledgeable in A\\V. I truly don't need all the stuff this model does but for the price I could not turn it down.

Pioneer VSX-23TXH review by TimothyN1967 can be read at Best Buy
 Rated It 
4.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 11/22/2009
User Location: Lewisville, Tx
Review From: User Review
THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Elite VSX-23TXH is equipped with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, Pioneer\u2019s exclusive MCACC room calibration, and an abundance of connectivity solutions for high-definition as well as standard-definition sources including Blu-ray Disc players, DVD players, game consoles, cable or satellite boxes and more. This receiver is the perfect hub for managing it all. As HDMI has become the new high-definition cable connection of choice, HDMI is susceptible to digital transmission e...

Pioneer VSX-23TXH review by PORSCHE928GTS can be read at Best Buy
 Rated It 
5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 02/08/2010
Review From: User Review
Great Deal! Awesome receiver!
After doing my research for 2 months, I settled on this unit. I chose Pioneer because Onkyo's have their HDMI handshake issues, Denon's , while powerful, dont have the clarity if Pioneer. Yamahas to me are over priced and underpowered. Did I mention Pioneer Elite receivers look gorgeous? I would 100% recommend this receiver to anyone, and the set-up is simple using the MCACC set-up mic. Just do yourself a favor and read the menu. Read it over and over until you understand it. All other questions...

Pioneer VSX-23TXH review by Angelsfann02 can be read at Best Buy
 Rated It 
5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 01/08/2010
User Location: Southern California
Review From: User Review
NIce Receiver
The gloss black design makes it the most attractive receiver I have ever seen. I have it paired up with an Elite Plasma, Elite Blu Ray and a gloss black BDI stand..... aesthetically beautiful! As far as the technology, the are so many settings, options, etc that it is impossible to not find a listening mode you like. On that note, it can be a bit intimidating and it is something I am still struggling with after 2 months. Example:(HDMI Hook UP) When I have the TV on, there are a few 7.1 listening...

Pioneer VSX-23TXH review by pyost100 can be read at Best Buy
 Rated It 
5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 01/06/2010
User Location: Holmdel, NJ
Review From: User Review
Great Receiver
I did a lot of research between the Marantz SR7002, Onkyo 807, and the 23. Onkyo had the features, but from what I've read the Marantz and Elites usually have the dynamics. I was contemplating on buying the VSX-33 when it came out, but was able to find the last Elite (display model) + 4-year retail warranty for under $750 at a major retailer in Arizona. To compare, I've had an Onkyo 607, HK, and a Sony receiver. The Elite's dynamics and separation of sounds is literally mind-blowing. Bar none, t...

Pioneer VSX-23TXH review by JC can be read at Amazon.Com
 Rated It 
5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 07/31/2010
User Location: N/A
Review From: User Review
VSX-23 Powers down on High load demands during movies
Nice unit, great features but the safety / sensitivity relays on the new power supply force the unit to shut down during high load demand while watching movies like Predator. Very disappointing considering the "Elite" tag. The Pioneer support web site has received many complaints, Their FAQ states problems with speakers, cross overs etc. but I believe it to be an issue with the receiver. I am currently using the VSX-23 Elite as a Pre-Amp "Until Pioneer acknowledges the problem" Sending signals t...

Pioneer VSX-23TXH review by Storm2000 can be read at Amazon.Com
 Rated It 
2.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 07/13/2010
User Location: N/A
Review From: User Review
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