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$250 - $450 (3 stores)
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A Great Receiver for a Great Price
The TX-8511 Onkyo Stereo Receiver is an affordable, efficient way to upgrade the quality of your sound system. This receiver even made my old set of speakers sound great. I recommend this receiver for people who just want the basics for their sound system. For me, it was important to have a phono input, because I listen to records. The TX-8511 has the phono input as well as inputs for anything else you might want to hook up (e.g., CD players, multiple tape decks, etc.). It is also really quiet, ...

Onkyo TX8511 review by x can be read at Amazon.Com
 Rated It 
5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 03/16/2003
User Location: USA
Review From: User Review
100% (29 of 29) Users Found This Review Helpful
It doesn't get any better than this!
If you are in the neighborhood for a new stereo receiver, but are not really looking for the extra expenses and features of a "home theater" receiver, than look no farther than the Onkyo TX-8511. This has got to be the best receiver I have ever owned. I bought it back in early 2000, and thus far, it has never let me down. Truly, it is a highly dependable rock-solid receiver. The sound quality is amazingly crystal clear with no distortion. Pull it out of the box, hook it up, and be...

Onkyo TX8511 review by Team Noodles can be read at Amazon.Com
Team Noodles
 Rated It 
5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 06/20/2002
User Location: Chisholm, MN United States
Review From: User Review
100% (21 of 21) Users Found This Review Helpful
Very good high-powered stereo receiver
Despite the current fad for multi-channel audio/video recivers, most people still listen to music with just two speakers and, therefor, only need a two-channel stereo receiver. The Onkyo TX-8511 is a very good stereo receiver with plenty of power -- 100 watts per channel -- good performance specs, and all the features you really need. It's also quite reasonably priced. No matter how much you may be impressed with the cool concept of a multi-channel "home theater" system, if your budge...

Onkyo TX8511 review by D. R. Schryer can be read at Amazon.Com
D. R. Schryer
 Rated It 
4.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 09/23/2002
User Location: Poquoson, VA United States
Review From: User Review
96% (24 of 25) Users Found This Review Helpful
Looking for a great sounding two-channel stereo receiver at a reasonable price?I did a lot of research on receivers prior to deciding to go with the Onkyo TX8511. I found that the ratings all over the web for this unit were very good for a basic stereo receiver, I do agree. Features I wanted in a unit was, multi-zone, 2-channel stereo, phono hookup. It had to be a basic stereo system with good quality stereo sound. I decided to purchase the unit a few day's ago at Circuit City on 2/...

Onkyo TX8511 review can be read at Amazon.Com
 Rated It 
5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 02/04/2004
User Location:
Review From: User Review
95% (23 of 24) Users Found This Review Helpful
Because I was spoiled before with a Nakamichi receiver...
this Onkyo pales in comparison. It is servicable and clean sounding but unfortunately has a tinny, sharp sound. Not much in the way of warmth or depth, even after messing with the bass and treble controls. BUT for the $ ( as my 15 yr old Nakamichi died, despite 2 trips to the repair shop) it is worth it. The customer service from One Call ( where I bought mine via Amazon) is top notch, I had concerns ( no sound came out , intermittant problem, seems to be OK now) and they were very helpful and w...

Onkyo TX8511 review by Amazon.com-lover can be read at Amazon.Com
 Rated It 
3.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 01/31/2006
User Location: California
Review From: User Review
86% (13 of 15) Users Found This Review Helpful
Hail! Hail! 2 Channel...........
We live in a world where most people have no idea what 2 channel is let alone a tape monitor and phono input (what the hecks that for? Alvin) Well if you're a stereo nut who despises things such as ipod and multi channel surround sound crap then i got a winner for ya here son. This here Onkyo harkens back to the dark days of yore when stereo meant something and having a place to plug in your Thorens Turntable meant something too. The powers there and it's pretty close to whats advertised(100 ...

Onkyo TX8511 review by riot67 can be read at Amazon.Com
 Rated It 
4.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 02/10/2005
User Location: detroit
Review From: User Review
80% (12 of 15) Users Found This Review Helpful
Non-existent customer service
I am having some problems with my receiver and, from what I've found, you can't contact a live customer support rep if your life depends on it. I've sat on hold for hours trying to get someone. Complete joke.

Onkyo TX8511 review by Daniel Hollander can be read at Amazon.Com
Daniel Hollander
 Rated It 
2.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 01/24/2006
User Location: New York
Review From: User Review
80% (8 of 10) Users Found This Review Helpful
That's right! I am very impressed with this unit's quality, not a single problem in 2 years. The sound is true and clear. It does not sport the latest home-theater surround sound technologies, since it's only a stereo receiver. But, it does stereo very well. I use it to select DVD/VCR+TV and CD/radio. FM stations can be programmed with stations names, that's handy. Recommend to any audiophile!

Onkyo TX8511 review by < can be read at Amazon.Com
 Rated It 
5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 02/23/2002
User Location:
Review From: User Review
71% (10 of 14) Users Found This Review Helpful
Best stereo receiver for the money
I researched my receiver purchase for a 2X system with phono input and almost bought the Harmon Kardon, but got advice from friends that Onkyo was far more reliable. Although the lack of a subwoofer output necessitates more speaker cable, I am very happy the purchase. The overall sound quality and usability of this unit exceeds my expectations for the price. It is very heavy and solid and looks much better than the web photos indicate. Plenty of power and deserves speakers three times the price ...

Onkyo TX8511 review by J. Crawford can be read at Amazon.Com
J. Crawford
 Rated It 
5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 05/12/2005
User Location: Pasadena, CA
Review From: User Review
100% (9 of 9) Users Found This Review Helpful
Best is Back to Basics....
I previously owned Pioneer and Yamaha surround AV receiver at twice the price of the Onkyo TX-8511. Neither came close to the spacious and clear sound I get through the Onkyo. Since I primarily listen through headphones, I had no real use for multi channel monsters with all the fixings. I just wanted something to listen to my CD's and my DVD movies and I got plenty of bang for the buck with Onkyo. Easy hookup and fabulous sound. It's true this is an older model, but I bought it brand new at ...

Onkyo TX8511 review by W. Pender "honuscat" can be read at Amazon.Com
W. Pender "honuscat"
 Rated It 
5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 12/10/2005
User Location: Cathedral City, CA United Stat
Review From: User Review
100% (8 of 8) Users Found This Review Helpful
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