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Nikon 16034 WX 10x50 IF

Nikon 16034 WX 10x50 IF Reviews

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$6397 - $6400 (2 stores)
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Nikon 10X50 WX for daylight terrestrial viewing.
This is an opinion of how the WX 10X50 views in daylight situations. The WX is at the limits of what I am willing to put up with. It's heavy and needs eye shields. It tends to do black-out's as I pan my eyes around. The tripod mount seems like an after thought. That said , it fills my eyes with candy and I love it. 85 degree AFOV is almost flat to the edge. Grab the Mk 41 or Mk 43 for convenience but take the WX if you need to dazzle your eyes and don't mind a bit more inconvenience. Nothing top...

Nikon 16034 WX 10x50 IF review by Ronald can be read at B&H Photo
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Review Date: 06/15/2018
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