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Headroom Ultra Desktop Amp (B003UWUEZG_2)

Headroom Ultra Desktop Amp (B003UWUEZG_2) Reviews

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Who knew?
I've been listening to my music collection on my computer for years. I have my music ripped to .WAV and I have owned a pair of Sennheiser HD650s since 2004, so I thought I was getting the most out of my music. I was not even close. I bought the Ultra Desktop Amp after stumbling upon a website called Computer Audiophile. I found out that without proper amplification and digital to analog conversion, expensive headphones go to waste. I thought about buying a tube amp, but tubes seemed a little too...

Headroom Ultra Desktop Amp (B003UWUEZG_2) review by R. Scott can be read at Amazon.Com
R. Scott
 Rated It 
5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 09/12/2011
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A tremendous AMP / DAC
Simply the best AMP/DAC combo for the price. Sadly it's discontinued. It's RARE now. I am glad to have it in my collection :) The Ultra Desktop Amp / Dac will perform without hesitation for any kind of music and was engineered by people who enjoy listening to music as much as they do creating better ways to listen to it.BASS:Great bass extension as well as impact. Feed your HD-800, Denon 7000 and Tesla T1 with this work horse and very impressed.MIDS:The mids a...

Headroom Ultra Desktop Amp (B003UWUEZG_2) review by Amazon Customer can be read at Amazon.Com
Amazon Customer
 Rated It 
5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 04/26/2014
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Review From: User Review
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