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Denon DRA685 Stereo Receiver

Denon DRA685 Stereo Receiver Reviews

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A fine piece of high quality audio hardware.
I had actually been searching for a different piece of Denon audio hardware when I ran across this rather new Amazon listing for the Denon DRA-685 receiver, which has been a key component in my "main" audio system for nearly two years now. It is certainly a "keeper," and a receiver whose capabilties and features one can "grow into" over time. A few of the features are quite unique, and I have yet to exploit them. I am not one who changes audio components at whim, or according to cha...

Denon DRA685 Stereo Receiver review can be read at Amazon.Com
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5.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 11/28/2004
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Caution getting into Denon because of parts availability
As a caveat to prospective shoppers of what is one of the high end and costlier brands. Denon had me on a merry chase to get a remote control for an audio product. They have outsourced the parts department to Hermann's in Florida."Sorry sir,your item is discontinued,you would need to buy the whole receiver to get the compatible remote for your deck." Huh? This has a baloney flavor to me that I really do not like. Their HQ didnt seem to know much,frankly. My suggestion is to check out the high ...

Denon DRA685 Stereo Receiver review can be read at Amazon.Com
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2.0 out of 5.0   
Review Date: 12/05/2005
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