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Acer ATC-605-UR15 Aspire

Acer ATC-605-UR15 Aspire Reviews

DT.SRQAA.014  |  ATC-605-UR15
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$650 (2 stores)
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I was a bit nervous ordering this computer, because I did not consider Acer to be the top company, and this computer is quite loaded. While at the time it had a better price than anything else with this amount of power even today it can be considered high end. I think that was one of the best investment I've ever made in a PC, considering my previous experience with the PCs, especially HP. Basically, I experienced 18 months of trouble free usage of this PC at home-WiFI network setting and I have...

Acer ATC-605-UR15 Aspire review by Mike, can be read at Tigerdirect
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Review Date: 10/15/2015
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